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Formula 1 experience

We were in Belgium to work on Formula 1cars, we had to do an evaluation of these cars, on behalf of one of our clients.

Just in that weekend there was the Boss GP championship, to which we were going to go, but given the great work that awaited us, we thought of going on track on Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday we were contacted by one of the participating teams, the competitor ran a Jaguar R3 Formula 1 and had a suspension problem, which led the car to collide against the barriers, strongly damaging the nose and the front wing.

The problem with these cars is that spare parts are very difficult to find, so the only solution in this case was to make a repair.

We worked to make this preparation from 4.00 pm on Friday to 6.00 am on Saturday: it was a really crucial piece, because a Formula 1 wing has a very important load.
The supports that had detached from the front wing had to hold a force of 400/500 kg of downforce, a dry repair was not the optimal solution, but it was the only possibility we had at that time, on the track.

We made many structural calculations to find the optimal solution, we had all the material needed for this type of repair and we made it!
The car started for qualifying by placing in second place!

We fully put ourselves at a stake, but thanks to the knowledge of the sector, the speed of processing and the precision of the calculations made, the repair was a success!