Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production

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Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production offers mobile workshop service on the track, for all participants in the competition and home repairs for private teams (or for individuals) on request, where they wish, both during races, both at their locations.

The Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production team performs repairs of the cars directly on the race field, with the mobile workshop. We are equipped with a van equipped with all the necessary equipment for repairs, of course with dry work, for repairs on the track. We work H24 to ensure deliveries as quickly as possible.

Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production has agreements to carry out repairs during with two very important championships in the racing sector:

  • International GT Open, European GT Championship that includes a series of car competitions reserved for Gran Turismo cars of the GT2 and GT3 categories.
  • Boss GP,which sees in the race the cars of Formula 1and Formula 2in recent years.

For two years we worked with the official Ferrari team in the Endurance World Championship, once a month we moved to the places of competitions repairing the pieces exclusively for the team, directly on the race field.

For the activity of repair with mobile workshop we are equipped with tents and gazebos within which we have the equipment to carry out effective repairs, quickly and efficiently.

We are operating all over Europe with the equipped van, all over the world by plane. We worked in Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Central Europeand the United States, on competition fields during international championships. We provide a repair service to 360o, travelling anywhere in the world.