Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production

Our History

Giacomo Orioli

Giacomo Orioli started to work with carbon when he was very young, in a specialized company, with the main job of trimmer and finisher.
In the same company he became responsible for the production and development of the entire production chain.
In the meanwhile he began to develop, privately, a project related to carbon fiber component repairs: he worked with dry carbon and resin, all manually, not in an autoclave.
In the company he acquired new skills including processing in lamination with pre-impregnated fabric, the use ofvacuum bags and autoclave cycles.

For several years he used to be a pilot in the world of car racing and this allowed him to learn that there was a strong need to repair components that were damaged. Nowadays, racing cars are constantly evolving and are increasingly made up of carbon fiber elements.
From this passion for the world of racing cars, combined with the experience gained in the processing of carbon fiber, was born the idea of providing a repairing service for car components for the various racing teams and apply these skills and knowledge in all other fields involving fiber processing carbon.

Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production: the beginning

Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production was born from the desire of Giacomo Orioli to establish himself and get involved. He started making the first repairs for many different teams
Lamborghini Huracán, the first pieces he worked on were for these cars. The team Target, instead, ran at the TCR championships with Hyundai I30.

At the beginning, processes were carried out on thedry carbon components, in a totally manual way. There was no pre-impregnated fabric, only dry tissue and epoxy resin. The first moulds were realized, in order to then replicate the pieces or to create custom pieces.

One of the first interesting and challenging requests we received was from an Austrian customer, who commissioned us to develop the aerodynamic components for his car, which was a prototype made on a basis of a 500. (Click here to read more)

Carbon fiber: manufacturing and production

From the prototype above we have developed in our company a branch for the customization of unique pieces in carbon fiber and aerodynamic development for cars.
After this first job we made components for many customers, for their personal cars.

In the first months of 2019 Giacomo hired his first employee, who had already worked with him and had gained a great experience within Dallara Automobili,one of the largest and best known Italian companies in the world in the field of composites and racing cars.
He was specialized in the repair of the shells, a component on which we bet a lot.

After this initial phase we moved to Manzano: today we are ateam made of four professionals, we have almost completed the final set-up of the structure, implementing it with different machines that allow us multiple processing. In particular, in October 2019 we integrated our machine department with the autoclave.

We have a clean roomof 200 square meters; a room for cutting skins and an autoclave with the following useful measures: width 2.20m length 4.90m; 10 bar pressure and 120 Kw power. We also have a painting oven and a room equipped with suction system for edging and finishing.

Today we are a structured company, we at Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Productionwork with companies, private customers, racing teams both in Italy and abroad, especially Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium.