Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production

Carbon fiber


The main methods that Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production uses for carbon processing are:

Cold rolling

It provides dry processing with non-impregnated fabric and resin, apart.
There are different types of resin, depending on the processing carried out. According to this mode, the carbon cloths are placed on the mould and, with a brush or roller, the fabric is manually impregnated.


This mode is a hybrid between dry processing and autoclaving. The same materials as dry lamination, dry carbon and resin are used, but in this case the vacuum bag is used.
Through a pump the resin is sucked into the mold, the resin spreads everywhere and then you place it all in the oven, for heating.

Autoclave processing

It is the most used in the industrial sector and in certified repairs, of high quality. In this case, a different type of material is used:pre-impregnated carbon fibre. This processing is done by means of a fabric that has a frozen resin inside it: the carbon fiber rolls are stored at -13°C inside special cold stores. Before use, they must be thawed and then rolled on the mould, the vacuum bag is made and then placed in an autoclave.
The autoclave cooks the pre-impregnated fabric, dissolves the resin inside this fabric in vacuum and under pressure. This phase of cooking in autoclave is aimed precisely to pressure the fiber,together with the vacuum bag, there is an additional external pressure that is exerted on the bag.
The use of this machine favors the lightness of the piece, because the resin is calculated perfectly on the type of material, the quality of the piece, the aesthetics, because the stratification is in fact perfect, without air bubbles inside.

Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production, thanks to the use of the autoclave, is able to match the quality and the industrial standards to the craftsmanship of customized pieces, made to measure..

We can satisfy requests both from customers who want a unique piece, in particular,and from customers who need a series production of small and medium quantities, with high quality standards.