Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production



Orioli Carbon Fiber Repair & Production is a company equipped with machinery that can guarantee a serial production of low/medium quantities: thanks to the autoclave it is possible to offer customers the design, realization and supply of a large number of pieces.
This service is in continuous growth, we turn in particular to the companies producing the automotive, aeronautical and nautical field.
We produce mass production even in limited quantities, this allows us to take great care of every detail.
The autoclave that our reality has allows us to make carbon fiber components especially large, such as whole car bodies, bonnets, shells.

We have a clean roomof 200 square meters; a room for cutting skins and an autoclave with the following useful measures: width 2.20m length 4.90m; 10 bar pressure and 120 Kw power. We also have a painting oven and a room equipped with suction system for edging and finishing.

We deal with all the composite materials, such as fiberglass, kevlar, carbon kevlar, twaron, ecological fibers.